A few months back I travelled to the US to set up camp for the foreseeable future. I buckled my seatbelt on the plane alongside my husband, Linc and we knew we were embarking on the next exciting chapter in our life together.

I felt excited, exhilarated, nervous, and full of hope for the expansion of my business. Little did I know that within weeks of arriving I would witness first hand the palatable joy of welcoming a woman into the White House as Madam Vice President.

It’s been a wild few months in the world of politics here in the USA and a tense few days as the entire world watched, waited, clenched their hands and held their breath, whilst votes were coming in State by State to unveil the new president of the USA.


Now I am not going to actually talk about that today, what I do want to acknowledge is that the USA has a woman as their VP – this is something we want to STOP and really acknowledge. Women taking a step into the world of politics is HUGE, you see it still is a man’s world in a lot of ways so when women take the step it’s tough.

Only a short period of time ago, I took this step in a small way and volunteered to lead and campaign for my local seat in the Australian Federal Election campaign representing our government in power.

It was something I hadn’t done before, and what was incredible was the other women who rallied around me to support, mentor, guide, advise, and to offer the help an


d give up their time to support their belief in their country.

Did we win the seat, NO. Did we achieve a marginal swing? YES! Did I learn from this experience? YES! Has it prepared me for future experiences? YES! 

And this isn’t about what color you represent (red or blue or any other colour – it’s the voices that count and matter, right?) For me, it was about women rallying together.

Despite being on opposite sides, we came together and supported each other. Words of encouragement and continued support – one particular moment I will always rem

ember, was sharing a hug with another woman in a leadership position from the opposing party quite openly in a polling booth.

So many people commented on how wonderful it was, 


so see this, even though we had different values and beliefs on policy – what really mattered is that we were two women, two humans in the same community, sharing a moment of support with each other.

You see when it gets down to it, we aren’t opposite. We may have slightly different values and opinions, but at the end of the day when we are stripped bare…We are all human.

We are all part of the community on the earth we live on. To the women that believe this, I stand with you in grace and humbleness on your authenticity  – I salute you.

If you think about the times of the suffragette, well I guess

I would have been one. I would have fought for our right


s to be equal, the rights to be heard and seen.


On a closing note, I wanted to share a special moment with you. A  year ago this week. I had the pleasure of having lunch with our First Lady of Australia along with other Women In Politics, and she is a true leader and champion.  Thankyou Jenny Morrison for your words of encouragement to all of us.

With love and kindness, Mel x


PS – if you are a woman looking to contribute then this is a great organisation in Australia to get connected with, https://wfea.org.au/ – It’s Bi-Partisan.