Yep – that’s right. Back on the tools, and it was so good just being immersed in the reconstruction of 3 years worth of transactions to be coded, which was done in 3 hours thanks to technology! So post the coding I had a quiet cup of tea and prepared for a meeting with my client… who happens to be a very close friend.

You see my friend is a busy creative and he was just lost in having to manage the finances and how to do everything and it had all just got so out of control

So Mel to the “rescue”!

The conversation we had was lovely. I started the chat by asking Brett to share with me what had happened in business over the last 3 years and he spoke for around 20 minutes with all he had done, how he started and the hard times and the good times. I noted the highs and lows and then prepared to present back to him how the numbers provide the data points to the story he shared.

Now I was about to put translate what the numbers actually meant!

?From the very start of the scholarship funds injections he received

?To milestone moments of instrument purchases that were special

?To gigs he had played at that marked memories

?To the time off he had over Xmas and toured Europe.

Brett was amazed at how numbers could weave the story. But the most important thing was the story we could prepare to weave about how the future could look.

And you know I was also amazed. This process still gives me so much joy to see the lightbulb moment for the client when they “get it”. It refreshes in my memory why we do what we do as accounting professionals.

It’s now HOW we get there – it’s what we DO with the data when we have it that’s the important stuff.

The reason that I am sharing this moment with you is, that this absolutely cemented the entire reason why I went into bookkeeping, to help clients have clarity on their business and so they can see what’s happened and then plan for the future.

Something so simple in our eyes in so important for the client

This is why I do what I do and ultimately so you can #payitforward to your clients.



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