Burning Bush Moment…

Today I experienced a moment where my life flashed before my eyes.

The new car I purchased has new technology that has automatic braking – this feature failed today and activated for no reason in the middle of a roundabout.

And a truck was heading right for me.

I was stuck – the vehicle was disabled. And I was sitting there in what seemed like a massive length of time, in reality, it was seconds – watching this truck come towards me.

I experienced many thoughts in that moment but the first things I experienced was..

“This is the moment. I am going to die”

And in that moment, I thought of all the things I hadn’t done
All the people I needed to see to tell them I loved them. ( you know who you are )

I wasn’t scared as my FAITH holds me – BUT I was sad as I wasn’t ready to go.

The man upstairs has other plans for me – things I haven’t done yet as the truck did not hit me.

I escaped death.

And no this post is not an exaggeration. This happened at 6.48am this morning.

I am GRATEFUL that I am alive.

GRATEFUL that I am healthy.

GRATEFUL that I get to see the people I love and care about again.

GRATEFUL for the simple things.

I was on a podcast last week with Barry Williame Magliarditi #freedomseries. ( you can listen in here ) and he asked me this question.

“What would I tell my 10 yo self to do”

Simple – “Grow your hair long, walk barefoot in the grass, ride more horses, play more music and sing until you have no breath ”

That response more than ever means MORE to me today.

You see, I want to LIVE.

Today I have been given a gift.


I am eternally grateful.

And for those of you that are important to me ( and you know who you are ) and we haven’t interacted for a while because we have all been embroiled in the craziness of this world. I have one simple thing to say.

” I love you – Love yourself and make time to LIVE”