When I first started building businesses at age 19 I was very focused on the HOW of things.

Things like ” How to achieve X result, I need to do X things every day”

Now – this type of repeatable action provides results over time RIGHT? We know that.

But for some reason, I wasn’t getting the results ( this was the very first bookkeeping business I built ) and after a major burnout and walking away from the business I had time to reflect.

What I discovered the BLOCK was – was ME!

My Mindset. I wasn’t ready to receive.

You see what we actually THINK we manifest. So if we subconsciously have beliefs that we “aren’t worth it” ” we can’t do it” or ” we don’t deserve the high revenue or lifestyle” we are working towards.

Guess what? It just won’t happen.

I needed to be ready to receive – and I hadn’t been.

So when I built my second bookkeeping business to 120 clients in a year and to the revenue I required to support my family one thing changed.

I was ready to receive and then #payitforward to others.

Everyone has the LION in them waiting to roar as Katy Perry says…

It all starts with YOU



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