What exactly is a Thought Leader?

A special person with innovative ideas?

Someone that leads their industry/profession along a journey?

Those who are trying to get you to buy into their plan or sell you something?

Someone that constantly shares their musings that you really don’t give a “rat’s  ar&!” about?

Someone who has an award with the title on it?  


The list could seriously go on and on and on and on………


Over the last 5 years, in particular, I have seen this term bandied around not only in my own profession in the accounting world but across the tech world and various other industries. And I have even been right in the thick of it myself, nominating for awards and wanting to see if I could possibly be awarded this illustrious title….


I mean. Getting this title was going to change my world right?


Ahh. NOPE. 


So at least what I see is that this term has really lost its shine and many seem to be disillusioned by those that hold it and what it stands for. 


Now not for one second am I taking away from those that have either labeled themselves this or been awarded the title. What I want to do here is delve down into HOW we perceive this and view it in a slightly different way.


Let’s look at the terms.


THOUGHT  “noun”


“an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind”.

“the action or process of thinking”


LEADER “noun”


“the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country or people”


So if we really look at the definition of this term, THOUGHT is an idea, opinion and LEADER is a person who leads…


So when you combine the two together this term simply means a person who is leading others in the way they think or in a particular way to think.




I see THOUGHT LEADERS like this EVERY SINGLE DAY and read their beautiful words every single day. Not coming from a stage or a position of accolade or in lights.


Simple words that are delivered to help shift a person’s way of thinking.


Words to help some realize that are worthy

Words to help someone realize that they can change the way they are living

Words to help a business owner have clarity and understanding of the numbers in their business that can affect transformation in their world

Words to create a person to take ACTION and change things for themselves.

Word to shift negative thinking to positive thinking

Words to connect one human to another


If we think about thought leaders in this way, then it’s simple to see that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the ability to be a thought leader and that their very own words can impact another person immediately.


You are your very own thought leader right now.


What words do you have spoken into your life that impact you?


What words can you speak into others’ lives to impact them?


Thought leadership – it all starts with YOU!

As Women we are ALL thought leaders, we can ALL Impact Change.


You are ENOUGH exactly as you are.


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