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At Melanie Power.com we have different solutions and pathways to suit exactly where you are on your own journey to help you from startup to scale with Power & Grace.

All of our solutions offer lifetime access to content.

Easiest way for you to work out what you need is to take our short PowerUpQuiz, where we step through our diagnostic quiz which will give you a neat little report that will show you exactly the steps you need to take and which solution fits you best…

Brand New To Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping Business Accelerator

This is Mel’s flagship program which has set the foundations for many years now in helping thousands of women achieve financial success and independence with their time across many countries in the world to grow their bookkeeping businesses. It’s completely suited to brand new bookkeepers and also experienced bookkeepers as this is focused on business growth.

Think the 5 pillars of business you need in place, sales, marketing, (organic & paid ) operational, business mindset and proposals and pricing. It’s all here.

The idea is to get you to market twice as fast!!

And at a great price $2997 gets you going. 

To find out more and get started you can click here.

You're An Experienced Bookkeeper And You're Ready to Scale?

Inferno Program

If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant and you’re ready to enjoy MORE freedom, MORE clients, MORE income, and ultimately take charge of your business without sacrificing everything else that matters, then this is for you!

This is a 9 month program that helps you focus on “The 1 Thing” you really want to achieve and birth it into life…….. 

This is a tailor made solution customized for your business, where we will focus on a problem you’re facing with your business and the best way to work through it. The support that you’ll receive is immense and you’ll also have access to my incredible team of coaches that are experts in their chosen field.

Coaching is group and there is a 1:1 option.

Investment - From $9800

Apply here to access a Strategy Call with one of our Business Growth Advisors to discuss your Inferno journey.

You're An Experienced Bookkeeper And You're Ready To Step Into Your Fullest Potential?

Elite Mastermind

You’ve already got a great book of business, you’ve got more clients than you can handle, you’re making great money, but you’re feeling like you’re working more than you want to be.

With this elite mastermind, we will dive into the best way to build out a business that creates income with ease, that takes stress off of your shoulders, and provides you with comfort in knowing that your dream business can happen. 

Together we will walk through any current problems you’re facing in your business and create a long-term, sustainable structure that provides you with more time and more income and lead you into truly stepping into being the CEO of your business.

It’s truly possible to work less to earn more, while living your life to the fullest potential and being the best you that you can be. You’ll be provided with a level of support like you’ve never received before.

This program is by application only and has set intakes with the year.

To find our more you can Apply here….

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